We are Bande de Cyclistes


Say hi to friendship

We are Bande de Cyclistes. Friends that last, a family you choose and where home is where you want it to be. We stand by ourselves and by each other. Because life is made to be conquered together. Never compromising on our values, never compromising on our feelings.

Say hi to freedom

Feeling the breeze brush against your hair, the sun rays tingling on your face and hearing your wheels pressing onto the endless concrete street in front of you. This is what we describe as freedom, this is what we want you to feel all the time.

Say hi to simplicity

They say happiness comes from simplicity. We agree. Forgetting about deadlines, ignoring directions and getting lost in the moment. We value our friendships, love our bicycles and keep on slowing down. We do not need much, because less if often more.

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