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Our Bande de Cyclistes Sweaters. Crafted to embrace the "savoir-vivre" of city life with our Bande de Cyclistes Sweaters. Made from high-quality materials, they offer a relaxed and classic look that's easy to style. Our commitment to sustainability continues, as these sweaters are GOTS certified and crafted from organic materials.


Our Bande de Cyclistes T-shirts. Perfect for your urban adventures and catching up with friends. These unisex T-shirts are easy to style with your favorite fashion pieces. Our T-shirts are made from heavy weight fabrics for a relaxed, yet classic look. GOTS certified and 100% made of organic materials in Portugal.


Our Bande de Cyclistes Caps. Engineered to enhance your urban flair while providing shade on your cycling journeys. These caps come in various colours, making them the perfect complement to your outfit. Crafted from durable materials, these caps are built to endure, ensuring your journey never loses its urban touch.


Our Bande de Cyclistes socks. Ideal to add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to your outfit. These socks come in light colours and are the best attire to freshen up your look. Our socks make sure to provide you with the comfort you need to fuel all your adventures. GOTS certified and made from organic materials in Serbia.


Our Bande de Cyclistes sunglass straps. Made to keep your glasses at hand for whenever the sun decides to lighten up the city. They come in four, easy to match, colours and are made from a unique Bande de Cyclistes cord. All straps are produced in Switzerland in collaboration with a social labor studio.

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